Ethics and values

Unfuse ethics and values

These are our values and our code of ethics

Unfuse Research and Analytics is committed to be a responsible global citizen and be guided by the following ethics and values in all our dealings. These values shall be at the core of all our decisions concerning people, resources and the environment

Act With Integrity

We shall, at all times demonstrate an unwavering commitment to integrity. Our clients, employees, vendors, respondents and everybody else we associate with, can be assured that, in all our undertaking, we shall -

  1. Be responsible for our advice, actions, omissions, and be truthful in our dealings;
  2. Manage real or perceived conflicts of interest, and ensure conflicts are disclosed to all relevant parties;
  3. Respect confidentiality obligations expressed or implied;
  4. Obey the laws of the country and not engage in improper, fraudulent, corrupt or criminal conduct;
  5. Neither give or accept a gift, service or payment where this can be deemed to be other than of a nominal value.

Demonstrate Respect for others

  1. Act as faithful agents or trustees for their employers and clients in all business matters;
  2. Apply knowledge and skills without bias or discrimination and with courtesy;
  3. Appreciate power imbalances and not seek to exploit these for personal gain