About Us

We are a customer discovery and data analytics agency

We analyze data, conduct surveys and test products to determine what customers love about you and what they don't

Good over perfect

Choose where perfection matters. Perfection in every aspect stalls progress. It delays without adding any marginal value. If its good and it takes us forward, ship it! If it breaks, fix it swiftly and learn from it.

Long Term over short term

Do what's in the long term interests of your customers, your team and your investors, even if its the unpopular thing to do. But also remember, you can't win a war unless you are winning the battles

Find the fun

Work and life would throw all sorts of stuff at you. Work will be rewarding, stressful, mundane, exciting, overwhelming, fulfilling. Ir-respective of what the day throws at you, find the fun. It won't last if you aren't having fun

Our story is not that of a Eureka moment or a single flash of insight that magically transforms mediocrity into genius. Its about the tremendous importance of showing up — of good old-fashioned hard work — of the sheer human qualities of love, stubbornness & the desire to make a difference